Copper guttering is a brilliant alternative to uPVC guttering. It looks sensational and lasts a lot longer than uPVC. If you’re wanting to change your guttering, consider copper as it might last you a lifetime.

To help you determine whether copper is an appropriate alternative for your property, we have developed a list of its benefits and drawbacks. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of copper guttering


Among the best benefits of copper guttering is that it’s durable. As it gets older your guttering will form a lining that protects it from rust and other elements, which is called verdigris patina. It is green and takes around 15 years to form.

Furthermore, copper guttering can last at least 100 years. Its strength and weather resistance means that you might never need to worry about changing your guttering again.

Low maintenance

Another fantastic advantage to copper guttering is that it’s low maintenance. You will not need to do anything to it once a guttering professional has installed it. The patina that forms on the copper limits algae and fungi development, so you’ll find it won’t block up like other sorts of guttering. And if something does stop working, it’s remarkably easy to repair.

Does not need expansion joints

Copper has a low thermal coefficient of expansion. That means that it won’t get significantly bigger or smaller when the temperature changes. So unlike other guttering materials, there’s no requirement for expansion joints to make sure that there is no splitting or buckling each time it gets warmer or cooler.


Many people choose copper for their guttering because it looks attractive on their properties. It looks especially remarkable on houses that feature natural products such as wood, clay and stone. You may find that you see an increase in the value of your house as copper guttering boosts kerb appeal and provides a long-term drainage solution.

Drawbacks of copper guttering

It’s expensive

A big reason why people do not select copper guttering for their houses is that it’s extremely expensive compared to other choices. For a linear metre of half round guttering, expect to pay around £16. However, including all the fixtures and fittings, it’s most likely to be about ₤40 per metre. Get a number of quotes from guttering professionals before you make your decision on who to select.

It’s tough to install

Installing copper guttering is not a DIY task. This is because you may need to make adjustments to joints or cuts, which may go badly if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing. A better option is to hire a professional to do the task for you.

Some dislike the green patina

Whilst copper guttering looks shiny and brand-new in the first few years, it does go green when the patina takes hold. If you don’t know whether you’ll like this look on your property, copper guttering may not be the right choice for you.

So there are some fantastic benefits to copper guttering but also some huge downsides. Think about your options carefully before you choose which guttering to select. For more details about copper guttering, click here.

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